2. Rise and shine.


  3. This is what started it all. Probably one of the funniest episodes of any podcast ever.


  4. And for those of you who prefer your Tim Capello covers with a bit more of a Soft Cell vibe.


  5. Wait for it…


  6. Since today is already off to a running start.


    Redline is now available for download on Bandcamp.com http://lazerhawk.bandcamp.com/album/redline


  7. I mean, this is too easy. I love it but the only way this would be better if it was mashed up with “The Back to the Future” theme.


  8. astrologging:

    The Rite of Spring

    (via hierarchical-aestheticism)

  9. gracie-law:

    Future WAX!


  10. I love Soundcloud.  I just want to shout it from the rooftops.