1. oreo:

    Get the Oreo Snack Hack below.

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    My Oreo Hack is I cram a dozen or so Oreos into a large glass and fill it with milk.  

    Then I eat the whole thing with a spoon and feel awful about myself.  

    Yes, yes I can help that Oreo find its way into a glass of milk.  I can help the rest of the bag find it’s way too.  You know who I can’t help?  Myself.  

    I just wish I didn’t NEED a million Oreos.  Don’t think anyone’s going to grant me that one though.  Oh well.

  2. And now back to "Thursdays With Rutger."

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  3. To be fair, sometimes a sequel can be better than the original.

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  4. If "Mrs. Doubtfire 2" isn’t the Madea origin story than I don’t know what Hollywood is doing.

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  5. mrsdoubtfire2:

    if the ppl who produced mrs doubtfire ever want this url i want robin williams to meet me personally about it or they will have to prize it out of my cold dead hands


  6. As soon as I figure it all out, you’ll be the first to know.

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  7. "Thunderbird Thursdays" Are GO!

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  9. Good morning.

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  10. And Scott Howard lived out the rest of his days as a bad-ass werewolf who didn’t give a fuck.  The End.

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