1. Current status.

  2. "If you will not turn to The Dark Side…then perhaps she will."


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  3. dunequotes:

    The Dune board game from Parker Brothers.

    "Sorry, Grandpa, but looks like you gotta’ milk the cat!"

  4. Tell me about it!

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  5. Good night, fellow Runners.

  6. Getting ready for my program.


    Logan’s Run (1976)
  7. Last week’s “River Monsters” turned out to be pretty lame but I’m going to live tweet it at least one more time (@wabisabi4robots).

    That said, please go easy with the “Game of Thrones” spoilers, k?

  8. AAH!  It’s Brundle-Gusher!

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  9. Today seems like an appropriate day to ponder a dystopian vision of the future where the promise of renewal is actually just the certainty of death given the trappings of ceremony and purpose.  

    You know, because it’s a really far out concept, dude!  And check out those colors!

    Whoa.  Kind of looks like Gushers.  

    I mean “medically necessary” Gushers.   To treat chronic munchies. 

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  10. "Yeah, it sounds really dumb and it has the lamest plot twist at the end.  You ready for this?  Turns out I was a ghost the whole time.  Where do they get this stuff?  I really should just focus on my music.  That’s my true calling."

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