1. "Time to go mobile."

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  2. Meet my new intern. He’s pretty cool except he seems to be more focused on getting his picture taken than fetching coffee. He’ll learn. #valuablelearningexperience

  3. 80s-90s-stuff:

    Gammarauders, 1987

    This is the only RPG I ever desperately wanted to play right now. Check out that penguin!

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  4. chompersthecorgi:

    "We are Corg.  You will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile."

    Cy-borgi. The next generation of Corgis. 🐺😎 #chompersthecorgi #cyborgi #googleglass #glassexplorer

    A friendly reminder to please put in your vote for me for the @7x7sf Cutest Canine Contest (only a week left to go and every DAILY vote counts!! Thank you so much for your support!! 🙏❤️


    Aw, someone dressed up that Corgi like a douchebag!

  5. "Sovereign Citizens" are some of the scariest morons in the country right now.

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  6. gracie-law:


    I’m only interested if the MST3K reboot is gritty and bleak!

    I’m only interested if it’s young and sexy with tons of lens flares!

  7. And so another “Tremor Tuesday” comes to a close.

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  9. gameraboy:

    Stegosaurus out for a saunter

  10. Please be found footage, please be found footage…and/or in 3D…

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