1. I’m also going to have to include more cardio, which really means rocking out to cheesy dinosaur-themed novelty songs.



  2. First day back on the paleolithic diet. I think this time I’m going to make an effort to eat more fruit to help with sugar cravings in addition to munching on conifers and stir-fried dinosaur meat.

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  3. Hashtag this under “weekend plans.”

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    (This is gonna be long, but why not join in for the ride?)

    OK! So, I decided to talk about my 22 year long hatred towards Warner Bros. Studios. Back as a kid in 1992, electronic music wasn’t big at ALL in the states. What WE thought was electronic music, was not. It was just euro-pop bullshit. (ie, Ace of Base, Technotronic (hah hah, whatta name…), Corona, 2 Unlimited) So, around this time, a movie was just released in theaters called Cool World, by the great Ralph Bakshi. As a kid, I didn’t know who he was really, all I knew, was that there was cartoon sex in the film, and it was only rated PG-13. From the trailer, it looked quite gritty and interesting to say the least.


    Well, after begging my dad to let me go see it, we finally did, and what I heard during the opening credits was probably the COOLEST SONG I EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE! (At the time of course.)


    The sound was very new for me, and had a lot of synth lines that, as a kid, was floored by. It’s nothing AMAZING by today’s standards, but for a kid in the US in 1992, it was something different and awesome. The best part of the song is actually at 2:13 with the killer analog basslines. And being amazed by that song, and the many other techno tracks within the movie, I did what anyone else would do when blown away by a soundtrack…BUY THE CD, RIGHT?!

    Well, I did just that, and the 2nd track of the soundtrack was the song from the opening sequence. I was so excited when I bought it, I ran home and threw it into my CD player and turned the volume WAAAAY up! Waiting for the awesome part I heard in the movie, I was horribly disappointed when I heard this…


    Tell me if YOU can hear the difference. =_=

    SOOOO, pissed off, I snail mailed Warner Bros, asking WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP. They responded back with something like, “Thank you for taking an interest in contacting us, but we’re sorry to say that the song used within the movie was a mix that was not released on CD. We hope this helps you out, have a good day.”

    Yeah, go fuck yourselves…

    So, I was like, “Well, I guess the mix from the movie was put on the Thompson Twins album, Queer.” And while thinking this, bought the album, only to be, once again, utterly disappointed. The song used on the album was a chilled out rock song with NO electronic music whatsoever. I was just CONFUSED! What happened to the SAME SONG THAT WAS IN THE MOVIE? AND WHY WAS IT NAMED THE SAME AS THIS PIECE OF SHIT??!?

    Skip 5 years ahead from 1992, when the internet is finally starting to boom, and a friend of mine told me that there was a maxi-single of Play With Me on ebay for $20 with no bids. I flipped, as I thought, “I’LL FINALLY GET THAT SONG, THERE’S SO MANY REMIXES ON THE CD, IT’S GOTTA BE ONE OF THEM, RIGHT??!


    Boy, was I FUCKIN’ WRONG AGAIN! Not a single mix, edit, or album version was the song from the movie OR from the CD soundtrack. I started to think, “Was the song in the movie not really made by The Thompson Twins? Is this some sick, twisted joke? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON???

    After a week of being angry as all hell, I thought to myself, “Well, maybe the portion of the song I loved was in one of the remixes. I guess I should listen to all the tunes.” Well, I did, and was it mind-numbingly dumb. All the remixes were complete shit, and nothing sounded like the movie version or the soundtrack version…until, about 4 minutes and 29 seconds into the Full-On mix. IT WAS THAT CATCHY BASSLINE THAT WAS USED IN THE MOVIE VERSION…but, without the samples and hard beats used within the movie.


    I had FINALLY figured it out. Warner Bros mixed together the Cool World Mix, with the bassline and synthline from the Full-On mix. What’s worse, is that the Full-On mix is 5:30 minutes of pure shit, with only 30 seconds of awesomeness. As a teen though, I didn’t have turntables that I owned, and finding out-of-print vinyl was practically impossible to do in 1997.

    It wasn’t until 2002 that I finally got my chance to look for import records on www.gemm.com. Finding the Full-On mix on vinyl was easy as pie, and cheap as hell…BUT GUESS WHAT? The Cool World mix was NEVER RELEASED TO VINYL, ONLY CD~! WHAT THE, GODDAMNIT FUCK YOU BITCHES, AJHJHAKJHKJHKLHEUIHUIYWR&*Y&*Y*&Y@HUHu^%$!^%$!^%$@^%R&**(&WRASSAFUCKNUTZ! I researched the living FUCK out of finding ANY info at all about the Cool World mix on vinyl, and was told by companies, record shops and distributors, that the Cool World mix was made specifically for the CD soundtrack only, and not released on any other album or record.

    As you can imagine…I gave up on my search, and just had to deal with listening to the awesome tune within the movie…which was stupid…

    Now…jump to 2009. I showed someone Cool World that has never seen it before, and once again, I’m reminded by the awesome tune at the beginning of the film which has sparked my interest into TRYING to find any info on the Cool World mix on vinyl.

    After searching for about 4 hours, and pretty much getting nowhere…I came across a Spanish Ebay site…with an item shown of a 7” record with the title, “Cool World - Play With Me” and an image from the movie. None of the vinyl I found from before had any images from the film, and only had stupid photos of the main chick from The Thompson Twins. I thought…”No…fuckin’ no way…is this really it? How can I be for sure?” So, I checked the catalog number, ran it through Google, and pulled up this info.

    SP 7” promo Warner Bros. 1606 (1992)

    A - 4:00    Play With Me
    B - 4:00    Play With Me

    [This is the version from the opening of the movie “Cool World”]


    Dude was selling it for 2 euros…2 FUCKIN’ EUROS!! >:O

    Well, I was finally able to recreate the version from the movie…and now, it’s out on the internet where it belongs. ^_^

    There’s actually a few forum boards that had the same anger I had when they bought the CD soundtrack, thinking it would be the movie version, and it wasn’t. Gonna make so many oldskool electronic enthusiasts happy. ROCK ON, 22 YEARS LATER BABY!~

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  7. 80s-90s-stuff:

    90s video game ad for Crime Wave, 1990

    I want those shades.

    CORRECTION: I need those shades.

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